Born With A Silver Spoon

Published: 10th August 2010
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'Born with a silver spoon' does not mean that a person had a silver spoon on his/her mouth while he/she was born. This is a very common term we use for people who achieve everything in life with out much struggle. In olden times it was the tradition of grandparents or god parents to christened the child gifting him/her with a silver spoon. A child born in a rich family with all the advantages and luxuries is a perfect example of this phrase.

This phrase came into existence when infants where fed with silver spoons as it was considered to be a precious metal. Now-a-days too we see small babies are feed with silver spoons and even gifted as it is not only a hard metal but also valued. The term is never used with first person but with second and third person.

With regards to the phrase, there is another term which expresses the advantages of being born in an affluent family. The related expression to the above is 'blue blood', this also indicates persons belonging to a royal and noble family. In general term no veins have blue blood it is especially used for the royal and rich families. In olden times the demarcation made between the rich and poor gave a way to the concept that kings and queens have the color of their blood blue and hence they are lucky.

Even term like:

High born meaning belonging to a family of high social class

Well-bred means someone who is well bred has been taught good manners and given a good education and is often from a high social class

Posh which again means someone who is posh talks or behaves in a way that is typical of people from a high social class. This word often shows that you do not like people like this.

Noble belonging to the highest social class. In the UK, noble people usually have a title, for example Duke or Baroness

Genteel is a typical of polite well-educated people belonging to a high social class who have strict moral standards and are easily shocked by anything rude

Well-to-do signifies rich and belonging to an upper class family

aristocratic belonging to or typical of the aristocracy

From an upper class family a titled person belongs to a high social class and has a title such as 'Lord' or 'Lady' before their name

But one term which we hardly use but means a lot is the term 'Jammy' which means to be lucky. It is used as colloquial adjective.

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